What is the Sell Score?

Sell Score is a predictive analytics tool that identifies which off-market residential properties are likely to transact sooner than others in their area, measured on a High, Medium, and Low scale. Sell Score is attached to properties, whereas Buy Score is attached to individuals. When you see a Sell Score attached to an individual on the People tab of the Track page, that Sell Score corresponds to the latest known associated property for the person.

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Note: We disable Sell Score for active listings, and leave it disabled until 6 months after the property has sold, the listing has expired, or the listing has been canceled.

You can use the Sell Score filter on the Discover map to quickly identify properties with different Sell Score levels. See the What are the available layers? article to read about all the available layers in Remine. You can also filter your tracked properties by Sell Score on the Track page.