2nd October 2018: Add Valuation, Property Details update, & Track button update

Add Valuation

We're adding the ability for agents to submit custom valuations on the Property Details page. We source valuations from several AVM providers, and create an average valuation from that data. We know that these valuations can be inaccurate, and agents know best when it comes to property value.

Do you have a listing with an inaccurate average valuation in Remine? With our new Add Valuation feature, you can submit a more accurate valuation that will factor into the average valuation for the property.

You'll see a new section in the side bar on the Property Details page:

When you click the Price This Property button, the Valuation section appears, where you can view the AVM provider valuations and our average valuation. You can type your valuation or use the slider to contribute. You can submit one valuation every 30 days, and you cannot edit a valuation after submission. If you submit a second valuation for a property, only your most recent valuation will appear in the valuation boxes below the average.

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Note: Any agent can submit a valuation, but only Success and Pro plan subscribers can view other agent valuations before submitting a valuation.

Property Details Update

The Property Details page got a makeover last week. The side navigation now appears at the top of the page, and the page header with the property address and basic details is sticky (it remains at the top of the screen while you scroll).

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Track Button Update

The Track button on the Property Details page has a new feature! When you click the arrow next to the Track button, you'll see the option to track just the property, just the associated people, or both.