24th July 2018: Contactually ingest, contact information pricing, & tracked people filtering

Upload your Sphere of Influence (SOI)

To improve your ability to find the most qualified leads, we're updating our process for uploading contacts, and we're rolling out a data ingest with Contactually. The best part is that you can track all your imported people at no additional cost, no matter what monthly plan you have.

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Improved contact uploading experience

  • We're updating the contact uploading experience, so you have a clear picture of what you're getting when you upload your contact files.
  • Matching contacts process
    • We've improved our matching process to cut down the wait time until you can see your uploaded contacts on the Track page.
    • Depending on the number of contacts you upload, they'll be matched in a day or two. Remine will alert you with a banner notification when your contacts have been matched and added to your tracked opportunities.
    • If a person's name in your uploaded file doesn't match our consumer data, the contact will not be matched (e.g., Jane Smith vs. Jane A. Smith).

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) ingest

Providing a data ingest with Contactually is our first step to allow you to tap further into your SOI. When you sync your Contactually account with Remine, we'll pull your contacts and match them against our consumer data.

We use the same process as our CSV upload to match your Contactually contacts. As a results, it may take a day or two to match your contacts, depending on the number of contacts. You'll see a banner notification when your contacts are ready.

The number of matches is also subject to the same distinction as above, where if a person's name in your uploaded file doesn't match our consumer data, the contact will not be matched.

Pro plan contact information

If you are a Pro plan subscriber, you'll have access to contact information for free.

Note: While contact information will be visible on the Property Details page, you'll have to track people to download a CSV that includes contact information.

In addition, all other plan subscribers will be able to purchase contact information for 3 credits per household.

Filter your tracked people

We recently added some of the familiar Discover filters to the Track page, so you can filter your tracked properties.

Now we're adding more! We're including the rest of the Discover filters on the Property tab, so you can filter your tracked properties by all the Discover map filters. Additionally, we're adding some filters to the People tab. The following are the filters that are coming soon:

Properties tab

People tab

Sell Score icon change

We're updating the Sell Score icon on the Discover bar.

Old icon -

New icon -