10th July 2018: Property Details page update

Print the Property Details page

We're rolling out a change to the top of the Property Details page. Coming soon, the header will include the following two links:

  • Print - Opens a window where you can customize the appearance of your printout. Read more information about this new feature below.
  • Edit Property Details - Links to a submission form where you can report an issue with the information you see for the property.

Why print?

Until now, there wasn't a printer-friendly version of the Property Details page. The new printing feature allows you to quickly generate and print a PDF of the Property Details page, along with any available current or past listing data.

What are the available printing options?

The Print feature does not immediately print the Property Details page, rather, this feature generates a PDF that you can open/download and print. When you click the Print link at the top of the Property Details page, the following window appears:


  • If you select the This is for a client check box, the following details will not appear in the PDF:
    • Mortgage information
    • Sell Score
    • Associated people (including owners)
    • All contact information
  • If you clear the This is for a client check box, all sections and information will be included in the PDF.

Print Images

  • Yes, print images - Any listing images available for the property will be included in the PDF.
  • No, don't print images - No listing images will appear in the PDF.

Name Your File

This is a text box where you can type a file name for the PDF. We suggest naming this file with the street number and name (e.g., "123 Main St"). This field does not accept special characters.

Buy Score

Last week, we announced Buy Score! We've decided to expand this feature to more users. Any subscribers on the Success or Pro plans can utilize the added value of the Buy Score feature. Read on for more details about Buy Score.

Buy Score is a new parameter for you to identify qualified leads. You'll see the Buy Score in three places:

  • A person's Associated Properties page.
  • A tracked person's row on the People tab of the Track page.
  • A person's owner card on the Property tab of the Track page.

What is the Buy Score?

Buy Score is a machine-learning model that identifies which individuals are likely to purchase a property sooner than others within the next year.

How accurate is the Buy Score?

Nationally, an individual with a high Buy Score is twice as likely to purchase a property within one year than another randomly selected individual.

How do we calculate the Buy Score?

The following are the main variables that affect the Buy Score:

  • Demographic characteristics (e.g., age, credit score, likelihood of being married, or likelihood of having children)
  • Home purchasing history (e.g., first time home buyer or multiple property owner)
  • Estimated equity in any currently owned properties (How do we calculate net equity?)
  • Length of association with current residence

When any of these data points change, the Buy Score changes accordingly.