3rd July 2018: New Track pt. 2, Buy Score, & Mobile

Remine Mobile (coming soon!)

Remine is a powerful desktop tool, but it has too much visualization for small handheld devices. That's why we built an entirely native app that will be available to all Remine users! We spent a significant amount of time capturing the Remine experience within a native mobile app for both Apple and Android devices.

Our Remine mobile app has all the power of Big Data, while being designed for small bites while you're on the go. Whether you're pulling up in the driveway for a listing presentation, or driving a neighborhood on the weekend with your clients, our app will give you more data than any other app.

Best of all, the app will be available to all currently active Remine MLS markets. Look out for the product release email soon!

Track page features

The new Track page phase two arrives on July 10th, which includes some of the following features by popular demand:

  • Filter tracked opportunities - Some of the familiar filters on the Discover map will appear on the Track page. Not all filters will be available immediately, but they will be rolled out later.
  • Add notes to tracked opportunities - You will be able to add custom notes to your tracked properties and people. Notes enable you to keep track of conversations or other pertinent details, and attach those details to your tracked opportunities.
  • Search - You will be able to search for tracked properties by address and people by name.

We listen to your feedback, and continue to strive to create the tools that you need to focus your advertising opportunities and get the most value out of our platform.

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Sell Score update

We're updating our Sell Score from 6-month increments to a High-Medium-Low range. We're still calculating the Sell Score the same way, just changing the way that you view and interpret this information.

Here are the parameters around the new Sell Score range:

  • High - The property is more likely to sell within six months to one year than other surrounding properties.
  • Medium - The property is about as likely to sell within six months to one year as surrounding properties.
  • Low - The property is less likely to sell within six months to one year than other surrounding properties.

Along with the new presentation of Sell Score, you will also see the Sell Score on the People tab of the Track page. The Sell Score displayed for a tracked person corresponds to that person's most recently owned property.

Buy Score

We're introducing Buy Score to our Pro plan subscribers, which is a new parameter for you to identify qualified leads. You'll see the Buy Score in three places:

  • A person's Associated Properties page.
  • A tracked person's row on the People tab of the Track page.
  • A person's owner card on the Property tab of the Track page.

Note: We've since expanded Buy Score availability to Success plan subscribers as well.

What is the Buy Score?

Buy Score is a machine-learning model that identifies which individuals are likely to purchase a property sooner than others within the next year.

How accurate is the Buy Score?

Nationally, an individual with a high Buy Score is twice as likely to purchase a property within one year than another randomly selected individual.

How do we calculate the Buy Score?

The following are the main variables that affect the Buy Score:

  • Demographic characteristics (e.g., age, credit score, likelihood of being married, and likelihood of having children).
  • Home purchasing history (e.g., first time home buyer or multiple property owner).
  • Estimated equity in any currently owned properties (How do we calculate net equity?).
  • Length of association with current residence.

When any of these data points change, the Buy Score changes accordingly.

Discover filter update

We're updating the look and feel of the filter bar on the Discover map. The filters haven't changed, just the design. Here's what the new filter icons look like:

Mortgage Age filter update

We've added another parameter to the Mortgage Age filter: Has No Mortgage. This is a direct result of feedback from users to better define some of the data that you're viewing with our filters.

Use case: Say you're looking for owners who haven't refinanced recently in a high value area where it's common for people to purchase homes outright. If you use the Mortgage Age filter here, you will inadvertently filter out people with no mortgage (cash buyers), when you only want to filter out refinances and younger mortgages.

Estimated bedrooms

For most areas in the U.S., the public record data includes bedroom count. For those areas that don't, however, Remine doesn't display any information for bedroom count on the property card or Property Details page. As a result, the Bedroom filter on the Discover map doesn't work in these areas. This is what we're changing:

  • For properties in counties where public record data doesn't include bedroom count, Remine will supply an estimated bedroom count for each property.
  • When Remine estimates a property to have between 2 and 3 bedrooms, that property will appear in the results when an agent applies the Bedroom filter with a minimum of 2.


How do we estimate bedroom counts?

  • MLS data - we search in the area for similar properties to the property in question.
  • Remine machine learning - we rely on our own model that analyzes the property characteristics, including lot size, property square footage, building type, number of floors, property value, and location.

If you discover an incorrect estimated bedroom count, let us know! We're always looking to improve our process and machine learning models.

MLS filter with RESO standard statuses

As we continue to strive to follow Real Estate Standards Organization (RESO) standards, we're updating our MLS Status filter to include RESO standard statuses. This means the MLS Status filter will include the following standard statuses:

  • Coming Soon - The property is going to be listed soon. The listing agent is marketing the property, but not setting any showing appointments.
  • Active - The property is listed and actively accepting offers.
  • Active Under Contract - The seller has accepted an offer with contingencies, but may accept backup offers.
  • Pending - The seller has accepted an offer, all contingencies have been met, and a closing date has been set.
  • Canceled - The seller and listing agent have mutually voided the listing agreement.
  • Closed - The seller and buyer have settled the real estate transaction per the terms of the agreed upon contract.
  • Expired - The seller and listing agent have ended the contract on the agreed-upon ending date (usually 6 months to a year).
  • Hold - The seller is not currently accepting offers or showing appointments, but the listing agreement between the seller and the listing agent is still valid.
  • Withdrawn - The seller and listing agent have ended the contract before the agreed-upon ending date.

This is part of our effort to lay the groundwork for the Add/Edit feature that we announced at the NAR Mid-Year Conference.

Display labels on the Property Details page

We're adding existing labels to the Property Details page. This means that if you have tracked a property and added a label, that label will appear on the Property Details page for the property.

Sales tax

Previously, we bundled sales tax in our plan pricing. This will no longer be the case, and going forward sales tax will be separate from the cost of your monthly plan.

Print mailing labels

Thanks to feedback from users, we've added the ability to print mailing labels directly from the Track page of Remine. Click here to see instructions on how to use this feature.