I am a buyer agent

As a buyer agent, both finding new buyers and finding properties for your current clients can be time-consuming. Remine can help you quickly and easily find suitable properties for your existing clients and can also help you tailor your marketing campaigns to only the best potential buyers.

What layers should I focus on?

Below are the layers on the Discover map that will be most useful for you as an agent in finding the best properties for your clients, as well as potential new clients. After you apply layers, you can track properties to keep an eye on important data changes. If you're ready to reach out right away, you can view listing agent contact information on the Property Details page, purchase owner contact information (for off-market properties), focus your messaging, print mailing labels, and start getting people into homes!

See the What are the available layers? article to read about all the available layers in Remine.

Filter Description
MLS Status: Active

When you select the Active MLS Status filter, Remine displays flags for all the properties within your MLS that are actively for sale. When you combine this filter with something like a search for a specific school zone, you can quickly find the properties that will best meet your clients' needs. You no longer need to waste your time digging through school zones and manually cross-referencing listings.

If you find that there are no suitable active listings in a client's preferred school zone, you can consider tear-down opportunities. See the example below for a suggested set of layers.


The Absentee filter indicates if the owner doesn't occupy the property. A property with an absentee owner is likely rented out or sitting empty. Absentee status is determined by cross-referencing the property address and the owner's mailing address. If the two addresses differ, we display that the owner is absentee. The Absentee filter also identifies those absentee owners who live in state vs. out of state.

The benefits of this filter are twofold. First, you can target renters who may be ready to buy by door knocking or sending mailers. Second, you can target owners with campaigns to sell their homes. You can even tailor your messaging for in-state or out-of-state absentee owners. Renting out your home is particularly inconvenient when you live out of state, so you as an agent can speak to the owner's specific pain points when it comes to dealing with tenants and maintenance from hundreds or thousands of miles away.

Example: Find tear-down opportunities within a desirable school district

Say you have a client who wants to buy in a particular school zone, but there are no active listings, and a majority of homes in the school zone have a property value of $1m+. Remine can help you find potential tear-down opportunities in just a few seconds, by using the Year Built, Property Value, and Home Equity layers.

  1. Search for a school zone. In the search bar at the top of the page, type the name of the school.

    When you click on the school, Remine highlights the boundaries of the school zone, and filters out any properties that fall outside that school zone.

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  2. Apply the Year Built filter. A good parameter for potential tear-down opportunities is properties that were built before 1980.

  3. Apply the Property Value filter. In an area where homes commonly exceed $1m in value, you'll want to identify properties that are worth less than $600k. For more information about property values, see the How do we calculate property value? article.

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  4. Apply the Home Equity filter. To find people that may be more motivated to sell, you can find property owners who have at least $500k equity.

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  5. By applying these layers, just in this visible section of the school zone, you've knocked down your list of opportunities from 837 (all properties) to 37 (properties that meet your criteria). Now that you have a clearly defined list of opportunities, you can contact those property owners, let them know that you have interested buyers, and encourage them to sell.


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  6. Track the properties. In the upper right corner, click Track All and then create a label. The following are some suggested next steps:

    • Leave the layers as is, and drag the map to another visible area. Click Track All, and select the label that you just created. This will add more properties that meet your criteria to the same label. For more specific instructions, see the How do I track a large area? article.
    • View the Property Details page for one property that meets your selected criteria. On this page, you can view or purchase contact information for households, depending on your monthly plan.
    • On the Track page, filter the list by the label you just created. Now you can export these opportunities as a CSV.