How do we calculate ownership time?

There are two locations in Remine where you can see ownership time: the Ownership Time filter on the Discover map, and the header on the Property Details page. We calculate ownership time by counting forward from the last filed deed. Occasionally, this means that ownership time is reset in situations like divorces, where a deed is filed, but one owner remains the same.

For more information about deed changes in Remine, see the What are the most common deed changes? article.

After you track a property, you'll get a notification each time a deed change occurs. We want to provide you with the most valuable information about the properties you track, so if you disagree with an ownership time calculation, you can view all filed deeds since 1996 in the Property History section of the Property Details page. You can use this information as context for your own calculation model.

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See the What are the available layers? article to read about all the available layers in Remine.