How do I view property details?

If you click any hyperlinked address in Remine, you'll see the Property Details page. This page includes all the information we have about a property, including transaction history, historical listings, average valuations, and associated people. Here are a few methods to view property details.

If you want to print this page, click the Print button in the upper left corner. For more information, see the How do I print the Property Details page? article.

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View details for a single family property

On the Discover map, click on a blue dot or a star. On the property card that appears, click the property address.

View details for a multi-unit property

If you want to view property details for a condo, click on the blue dot or star for the building. On the multi-unit property card that appears, click View All Units. In the list of units that appears, click a hyperlinked address.

View details for unmapped listings

In the case that there's a listing that has an assigned MLSID, but we aren't able to match that listing to an address in our system, you can still view a simple details page with just the listing information.

Click the (X Unmapped Listings) link in the upper left corner of the Discover map to view a list of unmapped properties in the area.

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See the What are unmapped listings? article for more information.