How do I track a large area?

If you want to track a big area, like a neighborhood, school zone, or ZIP code, chances are the area will extend beyond the visible map when you're zoomed in far enough to see blue dots. A major factor of tracking is that you must be able to see blue dots on the Discover map in order to track properties. Because of the sheer amount of data flowing through the platform, we are limited in how many blue dots we can populate at a time without affecting performance.

To see your track limit, see the How many properties or people can I track? article.

The following steps show you how to track an area that extends beyond the visible map:

  1. At the top of the screen, in the search bar, type the neighborhood, ZIP code, school zone, or other large area that you want to farm.

  2. Optional: Apply your layers. You don't have to zoom in to apply layers, but you do have to zoom in if you want to see the colorful overlays or blue property dots. In this example, we've applied the following layers, which you can see in the white bar at the top of the map:

    • Ownership Time - Minimum 7 years
    • Home Equity - Minimum $250,000
    • Sell Score - Medium and High

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  3. Now you can track properties. Zoom out as far as you can while still seeing blue dots within the neighborhood boundary. In the upper right corner, click the arrow next to the Track All button. Create a label for the neighborhood, and then click Apply. In this example, our label is Lake Barcroft Leads.

    When you click Apply, the properties are tracked with the label you just created. When you track a property, the blue dot changes to a star.

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  4. Select the tool at the top of the map. Click and drag the map to another area within the neighborhood boundary, and click the again. This time, you'll see the label you created in step 3 in the list of labels. Select the label, and click Apply.

    When you click Apply, these properties are tracked with the selected label. Repeat this process until you've tracked the entire area.

    It is not possible to "double track" a property, and these steps will not untrack any properties. If you follow these steps in an area that already has stars, those properties will remain tracked, and will also have the new label (Lake Barcroft Leads) applied. Adding a new label to an already tracked property does not count as an additional track against your tracking limit.

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