The Engage page is your client dashboard, where you can interact with your clients and tracked people in Remine.

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If you want to view notifications for your tracked properties and people, see the What are Track notifications? article.

You can invite your clients to experience the powerful property data available in a simple version of Remine. You can invite up to 250 clients at one time. You can send one invitation to any given client in a 12 hour period, up to a maximum of 5 invitations. In other words, when you have sent one client 5 invitations, you cannot send them any more invitations. There is no limit to the total number of invitations you can send.

Note: Before you invite clients to Remine, you must create a custom URL for your homepage.

What's on the Engage page?

There are three main sections on the Engage page. From left to right, these sections are the Buyer column, the Seller column, and the details section. When your invited client accepts your invitation and registers their Remine account, that client is sorted into the Buyer or Seller column. When you click on a client in either list, the client profile appears in the details section on the right side of the screen. The details section is where you can perform tasks for the selected client. These options vary between buyers and sellers.


Available tasks

All tabs - this is the header of the details section.

View the client's contact information.

Copy the client's email ().

Create a CMA for the client (sellers only).

Message the client within Remine.

Info tab - this is the main tab for buyers, and it's the only information available for sellers.

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View the client's buying preferences (buyers only).

View the client's Remine activities, like tracked properties, schedules tours, and saved searches.

Add, edit, and delete private notes associated with the client.

Tracking tab

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View the properties the client has tracked.

Shared Properties tab

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View the properties the client has shared.

Saved Searches tab

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View the saved searches the client has created.

Plan limitations

All Remine users have the ability to invite clients from the Engage page. Your plan determines what client details you can view on the Engage page.

  • On the Starter plan, you won't be able to view buyers or sellers.
  • On the Success plan, you can view buyers only.
  • On the Pro and Pro Annual plans, you can invite people from the Track page, and you can view buyers and sellers.

For more details about the available features with each plan, see the Plans article.